Information on your seller tag along with keeping your tag attached to your item is  KEY to receiving your payment.   

  • Each item must have a tag with consignor number (assigned to you when you schedule your appointment online, or by Jeannette when you call to schedule your appointment), item number (1, 2, 3, etc.), short description, size (include slim or regular on pants), and price written on the front of the tag. Tags must be WHITE 3×5 index card (no stickers or colored index cards, please) if you are handwriting your tags. If you are using the print your tags option, you must use WHITE cardstock.
  • Pin tags with a safety pin only to the right front of the item (no straight pins).  Pins should be on the left side of the tag.  See picture below.
  • Furnishings and equipment must have tags secured in easy to find locations.
  • Toys should have tags secured with packaging tape.  Please no scotch or masking tape.
  • Hook of hangers should go to the left.
  • If you do not want an item discounted, write “NO DISCOUNT” boldly on the tag.
  • Please use numbers for the sizes.  If the items tag says S, M, L, or XL, put the number size in parenthesis beside the S, M, L, or  XL.  (This applies to children’s clothing not maternity.)